Our instructors are often asked, “How do I pass the Wicklander Certification?” The term “WZ Certified” was created by the industry and generally references the fact that an individual has completed either the Two Day Private Sector Course or the Three Day Public Sector Course.  The term was created as way for employer’s to express their preferences that potential job candidates have completed WZ training courses throughout their careers.  These certificates do not certify expertise in the techniques taught at the seminar.  These certificates indicate an attendee completed the training program.


Every attendee that successfully completes a WZ seminar receives a certificate of attendance.  WZ instructors do not pass out the certificates at the start of a seminar, they pass out the certificates at the end of the program and personally thank each attendee. Attendees must be present for at least 90% of the seminar to receive a certificate.

WZ offers post seminar exams for employers who wish to verify the information an attendee has learned and retained.  These tests can be purchased for individual attendees or licensed to organizations who wish to test employees in greater numbers.

The industry standard for certifying expertise in interview and interrogation techniques is the Certified Forensic Interviewer designation. Created by The Center for Interviewing Standards and Assessment and offered through the International Association of Interviewers, the CFI designation applies to interviewers in the private sector, human resources and law enforcement.  This designation is achieved by passing a comprehensive exam covering 15 content areas and maintained by earning recertification credits.  For more information on who qualifies for the CFI exam, how to take the CFI exam and how to maintain the certification please visit www.iaofi.org.