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For over 30 years, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates has helped thousands master the art of interviewing – now, we’ve discovered a way to bring specialized training programs right to your computer! With WZ Webinars, you are now able to receive focused training without the added expense of travel or time away from the office.

WZ Webinars are created to offer versatile training programs that easily work around staff schedules.   Each Webinar lasts between 60 and 100 minutes depending on the topic. At the conclusion of each session, the participants will receive a handout of the presentation, as well as a certificate of completion for attending the Webinar*. Additionally, this certificate can be used for Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) towards certifications such as the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI).

How it Works:

Each participant will be connected via a high speed internet connection to the presenter’s computer where they will be able to view the entire presentation.

In addition, each participant will listen to the live presentation by calling a conference number. In order to maximize the benefit of the Webinar, each session is limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) participants.

The fee for each WZ Webinar is $129/person.
Payment via Visa, MasterCard or American Express is required at the time of registration.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for an outstanding webinar yesterday. You did a great job presenting the material and I took a lot away from the presentation. It’s amazing how much information and tactics get shuffled out of our repertoires over time! It will be very helpful for getting back to basics and I am eager to implement some of the strategies you suggested. Quick question….do you know when we can expect the course material / certificate of completion so I can forward to my superiors?
Much appreciated,

Brandon Brown, CFIRegional Loss Prevention Manager

Webinars Offered by WZ:

  • In today’s economy many investigators and human resource executives are covering larger areas with reduced travel budgets.  Many investigators have discovered the benefit of conducting investigative interviews over the telephone under the appropriate circumstances.  When executed properly, a telephone interview allows an investigator to conclude an investigation without the added costs of travel.  The topics discussed during this webinar include advantages and disadvantages of phone interviews, tactical approaches to room set-up, interpretation of verbal behavior and listening skills exercises.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 2.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Telephone Interviewing Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 2

  • As seen at NRF!  Anytime you manage people there will be difficult conversations: mediating disagreements between associates, delivering performance appraisals, counseling and coaching sessions and many more. These high stress conversations are sometimes avoided because they are uncomfortable, but these problems rarely resolve themselves. This webinar will combine various interview strategies to develop a structured approach for engaging in difficult conversations. You will learn methods on how to open a dialogue while obtaining the buy-in from the associate and ultimately securing a commitment for a positive outcome. This critical management skill set will help improve operational performance of your employees and remove the “fear factor” from the equation for all parties involved.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 1.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Handling Difficult Conversations Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • Many interviewers recognize that the rationalization process can be the most difficult part of any interview.  It is one thing to have a story to tell, it is something else to be able to captivate your subject’s attention and influence their decision making process with that story to help them save face and lead them to a confession.  This webinar will provide insight into choosing and telling the best rationalization possible, structuring that story in a way that will have the greatest impact on your suspect, and delivering the rationalization with empathy and sincerity.

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Building Effective Rationalizations Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • Obtaining an admission is important, but this is when interviewer’s work is just beginning. Developing a full confession beyond the scope of the investigation may be more important depending on the case.  Many investigators struggle with exploring the ‘what else’ and ‘who else’ aspects of the interrogation.  This webinar will provide practical tips on how to explore areas unknown to the investigation.  We will discuss memory jogging techniques, listening skills, as well as using assumptive questions and rationalizations to obtain more truthful admissions, behavioral indicators of hidden information and more.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 1.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Developing Thorough Admissions Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • It is critical to choose the best possible candidate to fill an open position.  The cost of hiring the right employee is significant.  The cost of hiring the wrong employee is staggering.  The wrong employee can inhibit productivity, cause morale issues and waste valuable time and resources.  This webinar focuses on how to read physical and verbal behavior during the pre-employment interview to identify potential deception from job candidates.  The webinar also explores successful and productive questioning techniques to allow any interviewer to dig beneath applicants prepared answers.  Make your next hire, your best hire with WZ.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 1.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Detecting Deception During Candidate INterviews Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • This webinar will cover the use of behavioral interview questions to eliminate innocent employees from suspicion, while identifying the guilty when no evidence is available.  The Selective Interview is the perfect opportunity to work on your interviewing skills when there is no specific evidence to fall back on during the interviewing process.  When utilizing this non-accusatory technique, the investigator will ask a structured series of questions while following outlined principles to assist them in identifying the deceptive subjects.  This is all accomplished while maintaining the morale of innocent subjects within the organization.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 1.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Behavioral Interviewing Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • This webinar discusses overcoming the difficulties of one of the most crucial part of any interview, the written statement.  It is important to understand what elements of the confession should be included in the statement and how to guide your suspect to put pen to paper.  We will review the structure of a good statement and address common problems encountered by during the written statement by even the best interviewer.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 1.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Obtaining Complete Written Statements Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • The completion of a thorough report at the conclusion of an investigation is critical to document the process and possibly support an investigator in court.  In many cases, the investigator’s final written report will be the primary basis for any decisions made by the company or prosecutor when deciding the disposition of the case.  The topics discussed during the webinar include guidelines and proper structure of a written report as well as evaluation of sample reports.

    HRCI Approved Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 1.00 Specified Credit Hours:General

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program: Title: Report Writing Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1

  • Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is a growing problem for the retail loss prevention associate.  This webinar will teach those professionals who apprehend shoplift suspects questioning techniques to determine if a theft was a crime of opportunity or connected to an organized theft ring.  Learn the physical signs, but more importantly learn how to develop information from a shoplifter with a quick and effective interview.

  • This skilled interviewer method is perfect for the fast-paced nature of the investigator on the go. We will discuss utilizing specific questions from the selective interview while performing routine audits and location visits. Sometimes these questions can indicate if you have operational issues that need addressing, or even worse, a thief.