Crimes Against Children

Attend WZ’s Crimes Against Children: Investigation to Suspect Interrogation seminar. Our three or four-day seminar focuses on techniques for interviewing or interrogating subjects during the investigation of crimes against children.

Criminal Interview and Interrogation

WZ Seminar on Criminal Interview & Interrogation

Learn to assess verbal and non-verbal behavior and become more effective on the focus of an investigation and obtaining reliable information.  Gather a variety of non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to overcome resistance of victims, witnesses and criminal offenders.

Using actual investigations this course offers a diverse collection of case studies to providing strategic tactics to establish guilt and prosecute the offenders. 

Criminal Interview and Interrogation - Advanced Seminar

WZ Seminar on Advanced Criminal Interview & Interrogation

Obtain training in the latest and most powerful advanced interview and interrogation techniques.  This seminar utilizes practical exercises, using underlying psychological principals to improve your ability to obtain legally acceptable confessions.

This seminar will work through actual case studies applying multiple interview and interrogation, including Selective Interview Technique, Cognitive Interviewing, Factual Approach, Participatory Method and the WZ Non-Confrontational Method.  

Criminal Interview and Interrogation - Advanced Workshop

WZ Advanced Workshop on Interview & Interrogation

Utilize practical exercises, new concepts/techniques and psychological principals to enhance the law enforcement officer's ability to obtain legally acceptable confessions and to tailor their criminal interviews for maximum advantage.

This comprehensive workshop teaches a broad range of proven techniques to help you identify the truth and obtain quicker admissions from the guilty and close more successful cases.

Note:  Available only when scheduled to immediatley follow the WZ Seminar on Criminal Interview and Interrogation.

D.O.A. Death Investigations

This three-day course incorporates two perspectives on the death investigations process, one from a seasoned homicide detective, and the other from a highly skilled prosecutor. 

Gang Investigations

Since 1982, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc . (WZ) has trained over 100,000 law enforcement professionals in multiple methods of interview and interrogation.  The WZ Seminar on Criminal Interview & Interrogation in Gang Investigations ties the interpretation of verbal and physical behavior into a structured approach of interview and interrogation in gang-related investigations.

Lead Homicide Investigator

Attend WZ’s new Seminar for Lead Homicide Investigators, a comprehensive program is the result of client requests for an expanded homicide investigation training course on effective methodology, techniques and processes in homicide types of investigation

Non Confrontational Interview & Interrogation for Drug Investigations

WZ Seminar on Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation Techniques for Drug Investigations

This course is specifically designed for agencies whose personnel may be called upon to interview or interrogation suspects, victims, informants or witnesses during drug or violent crime investigations.  In this dynamic course, investigators and associated law enforcement professionals will learn to apply non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques that will bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Seminar participants will learn a conversational approach to conduct more effective interviews and interrogations that will result in quicker admissions and better statements.  The WZ instructor will teach how to offer rationalizations specific to drug and violent crime investigations and how to handle denials, detect deception and evaluate truthfulness.


Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation

The 2-day Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Seminar on Non-Confrontational Interview and Interrogation Techniques is designed to teach and reinforce the sound fundamentals of the interview and interrogation process for the investigator, homicide detective, major crimes task force member, coroner, medical examiner, special agent, or other law enforcement professional. 

Tactical Field Interviewing Techniques

The skill sets that are taught allow investigators to uncover terrorist plans directed at critical infrastructure so they may intervene to deter criminal activity. These interviewing techniques are also specifically designed to deal with money laundering and fraud schemes, which may be used in furtherance of the criminal or terrorist enterprise. Seminar participants will learn to apply interviewing techniques that most often will bring these cases to a successful conclusion.