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CFI Preparation Seminar

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) created the Certified Forensic Interview (CFI) program to raise the level of professionalism of every individual and organization involved in the interviewing field. The Certified Forensic Interviewer examination was developed by more than 40 leading professionals, including interview experts, law enforcement and corporate representatives. Each member of the development team used their expertise to make sure the CFI examination addressed the core skill sets identified during extensive surveying of public and private sector interviewers and interrogators.

The 15 skill sets identified during the extensive surveying of interview and interrogation professionals led to the development of this challenging examination. The CFI examination requires an understanding and competence in applying knowledge of interview and interrogation strategies and techniques. Developed in conjunction with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc., the examination stands as a testament to the knowledge and commitment of the professional interviewer and interrogator.

Studying for the CFI exam will hone your skills and expand your knowledge. Taking part in the Wicklander-Zulawski CFI Preparation Seminar and using WZ’s CFI Online Preparation Course will prepare you to pass the exam and jump start your career.

Who should attend

Loss Prevention, Police, Auditors, Human Resources, Federal Agents, and any individual with a stake in interviewing or interrogating. Anyone who conducts interviews can conduct them more professionally, more effectively, and in a more legally protected way when you follow the standards set by the Center for Interviewing Standards and Assessment.

What you’ll learn

Our preparation seminar covers all 15 sections of the CFI examination

  • Preparation and room setting
  • Legal aspects
  • False confessions
  • Interpretation of behavior
  • Accusations
  • Showing understanding/rationalization/themes
  • Assumptive questions
  • Enticement question/bait question
  • Denials/backing out
  • Statements
  • Telephone interview
  • Fact gathering/cognitive interviews
  • Sexual harassment interviewing
  • Interviewing for Title 7 infractions
  • Field interviews

Upcoming Classes

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Axis Communication
Chicago, IL
November 7, 2018 (2 days)
Wayne Hoover, CFI
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