I want you to know what an exceptional job Brett Ward did at Hobby Lobby. His teaching style is just excellent; keeping us on our toes the entire time. I just can’t thank you enough for embracing our culture and making sure that everyone understood clearly that our purpose is to seek the truth. It was a rousing success, thanks to Brett.

Customer Logos (2)Peter Dobelbower | Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Legal OfficerHobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Hey Wayne. Not sure where you are in the world or which timezones, but I thought you would like to know this. I got a specialized role promotion today from my company and I am now the lead interview and investigator. I will be working closely with each LP manager on their cases and help out with tips and experiences to help better themselves and interviewers as well as myself. I couldn't have done this with you and your passion. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to a CFI Prep Class next year with you.

Alcanna Liquor Stores CanadaRoy Chapel, District Loss Prevention & Health and Safety ManagerAlcanna, Inc (FKA Liquor Stores)

From beginning to end, this training really held my interest.My instructor,John Guzman,clearly knows this material backward and forward. He is a great, engaging,lecturer.He was always able to describe an idea or concept with a concrete example, which really helped me better understand the material. In particular, I appreciated the use of video clips from previous interviews. They really helped me see what Mr.Guzman was talking about.

During this training, I learned things I can apply directly to the work I do. Believe me, I cannot say that about some other training programsI have attended.

Portand City AuditorEric Berry, Lead InvestigatorPortland City Auditor, Independent Police Review

I completed the level one non- confrontational interviewing course approximately five years ago in Nottingham England.

Without doubt it was the best course I have ever done pertaining to investigations and obtaining the truth. The leader was absolutely fantastic and engaging. I have used the WZ method ever since and without doubt it changed my perception of interviewing and without doubt it’s the best way of obtaining the truth and developing the admission and substantiating a case value. The assumptive questions and breaking down resistance due to the techniques encouraged are superb.

I have had some real success stories in conducting investigations ever since and I would recommend any Loss Prevention professional get on the course. It really was that good.

urban-outfitters-logoBarry Murphy, District Loss Prevention ManagerUrban Outfitters

Wayne- I attended your Dallas training class last month. I have been conducting interrogations for many years, but now knowing the method I feel more confident.

Yesterday, I conducted a phone interview. I had a cashier that we had video evidence of him taking 7 deli meals over a three week time frame. Prior to training I probably would have gotten him to admit to what I knew and get him to pay the $45 loss. I would have showed my “Ace” too soon. Yesterday I used the W-Z method. Long story short, he admitted to taking 104 meals and cigarettes. Instead of getting $45 in restitution we are getting $680.

Just wanted to say thank you for being an effective teacher.

WoodsDoug Haworth, Director of Operations SupportWoods Supermarket

My Wicklander-Zulawski certificate has been a staple in my resume since 2015, it has opened several doors for me even outside of the loss prevention industry such as store manager.
I had the pleasure of attending a two-day class held by Wayne Hoover back in 2015 in Buena Park CA. I also wanted to take a moment and thank Wicklander for the training I received, it has proven to be one of the best decision I have ever made. In 2015 I had been recently promoted to AP Manager now 3 years later I am a Regional Asset Protection Manager in charge of over 6 states and over 100 stores. The training I received has proven to be extremely desirable by companies looking to hire Loss Prevention/ Asset Protection.

Exclusive Wireless LogoRegional Asset Protection ManagerExclusive Wireless, Inc.

I attended your training in Methuen several weeks ago and when I returned to my station the following week, I was asked by a fellow officer to assist with a larceny case involving $4,000 stolen from a safe at a group home for people with disabilities. There were about 15 employees to interview so I used the selective interview and employee information sheets you had given us in class.

Today, I got a confession from one of the employees using the methods you taught us in class! I really feel without this class and information sheets, this case would have gone unsolved. So thanks again for a great class that directly resulted in the ability and knowledge for me to fully investigate this crime and make an arrest.

wz-regcirclelogoDetective John RaymerMassachusetts Police Department

I wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you. I took your 3-day homicide investigations course and 4 days later, my office caught a month old homicide with a body found in a creek. Using the tactics and techniques that you taught us, we were able to solve the case within 48 hours. During that time, we made four arrests and recovered 2 murder weapons hidden across our valley. We also used the lead sheet that you provided to help ease the flow of information in our investigation. The knowledge and life experience you offered in your course lead us to think outside the box and try several next tactics that lead to solid non-confrontational interviews and good arrests. Thank you for your class and knowledge.

wz-regcirclelogoDetective Flathead County SO

I worked my first day on the road and used your tactics for a motor vehicle stop on my second traffic stop since taking your Interview & Interrogation for Drug Investigations class. After searching the car and not finding the load of drugs I took the driver aside and implemented what you taught us. After explaining what I do and how I do my job when it comes to interdiction the driver just blurted out where the drugs were hidden before I could finish my speech. It over all took only one rationalization and I only needed to put my hand up once to get him back on topic. Overall, it worked better than expected, and honestly I was quite surprised how quickly it worked. When all was said and done 30 grams of fentanyl was hidden inside of a fake WD-40 can and the passenger took ownership and went to jail! Thanks again for the class! It was really great. - Trooper First Class, State Police

wz-regcirclelogoTrooperConcord, NH

It is important that we stay current with interview techniques, and this training provided all of us an avenue for conducting non-confrontational interviews, as well as non-verbal communications and many other indicators of deception. All of us are in agreement that this training provides a much broader knowledge than any other Interview and Interrogation Training we have attended and prepares us to conduct more thorough interviews in the future. The instructor, John Guzman, is a retired Investigator from the Chicago Police Department. His years of knowledge filled the training room with instant credibility that emitted throughout the three days of training.

TN DPSCaptain Victor Donoho Inspectional Services Bureau, Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

I have to tell you that it’s been very rewarding transitioning from Reid to WZ. I have found that it works and the process seems to be less confrontational. As a Catholic, I feel like I’m the priest and my perp is just confessing his sins.

wz-regcirclelogoPolice Officer Dearborn, MI

I attended your training on interview and interrogations in Sandy Utah a couple weeks ago. I am sending this to thank you for your help in investigation and interrogation. Lou taught us a lot. We are a small facility. We work in a detention center and we started an investigation unit about 4 years ago. This is the first time I got to go to training and it was great. I would like to share the following story with you. There were five of us that attended your training. I am the assistant leader of the team and the other 4 are brand new to the team about 6 months ago. So as we were driving back to Pocatello I could hear the others talking about the class and how they were going to use what they learned as soon as they had another incident in the jail. We left Sandy Utah at 1500 and arrived in Pocatello at 1830 as we all entered the detention center to complete our time sheets we noticed a individual that was bleeding from his head and he had blood all over his clothes. I quickly assigned this to Cpl. Dixon who attended the class with me. The individual that attacked the other inmate used a plastic cup. This inmate lives by the saying “snitches get stitches”. Well Cpl. Dixon got this inmate to admit to planning the attack for over 5 days and that he used his inmate cup because he knew it would cause more damage than his fists. So this went from a Misdemeanor charge to a Felony. It only took 45 minutes and the inmate was singing like a canary. Your class has helped us a lot. Since returning a couple weeks ago we have really used the information that was given to us. We have filed 3 felonies with statements from the inmates admitting to doing the crime and a Misdemeanor. We can’t tell you how much we appreciated Lou and the information he taught us. God Bless You and your Families.

wz-regcirclelogoSgt. J. MichaelsonBancock County Sheriff’s Office - Pocatello, ID

I had my first homicide since the end of the WZ Lead Homicide Investigator course. Got a full confession and now I am awaiting the issuance of arrest warrant by the assistant state’s attorney. Learned some invaluable tools and techniques. Thank you and to the WZ instructors for one of the best training courses I have ever attended.

2000px-Flag_of_Illinois.svgDetective SergeantBrooklyn Police Department - Illinois

I really enjoyed the class in Missoula. I can honestly say, it’s the best class I have ever attended. You are a great instructor (John Guzman) and it was definitely a pleasure meeting you and I very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge with all of us. I have been applying the techniques a lot since and have been successful 14 out of 16 times now in getting a confession.

wz-regcirclelogoOfficerMissoula, MT


Angela, today I conducted my first interview after receiving your training on 2/27-2/28. I just want to personally thank you and express my gratitude for the seminar that you conducted. I have already been able to apply the techniques that you taught and they worked very effectively! I was also able to pick up on behavioral cues from the subject that I normally would not have noticed. I was able to get an admission and a few roll-overs from the subject! I hope all is well with you and thanks again!!

wz-regcirclelogoBrian Miller Loss Prevention Specialist, Amazon

I attended a Basic seminar presented by Wayne about a year ago and an Advanced seminar presented by Angela a couple months ago ( Non Confrontational Interview and Interrogation). I just wanted to thank you both. I had a $1600.00 admission today that came from the techniques taught in the class. That’s a fairly large amount for the company I work for. She was like “putty in my hands” after the first rationalization. That was after about 90% of my info was locked in my laptop without access to it due to a broken screen the morning of the interrogation. I couldn’t have done it without the training provided by both of you and W-Z. Thank you both for what you do and for doing it so well.

wz-regcirclelogoMatt LapkaRegional Asset Protection Manager

Good Afternoon Shane, first of all, I appreciate your time, your caring, and your love for teaching. It is obvious that you are in this game to create lethal interviewing machines. I have a great appreciation for that as well. Two days with you we’re certainly enjoyable. The absolute BEST part about our training was that after class it’s all we could talk about! We ate dinner each night practicing what we learned the previous day. We could see in each other that we will, over time, be able to perfect the methods you taught us. That last thing that I’ll mention is that we had no idea that the President and CEO of the company would be teaching us! For that, I (we), were honored. We can’t wait to receive our in the mail. Maybe, one day, we’ll be at dinner with a Regional, or Divisional, and have the pleasure of a free meal. Thanks, again, and take care.

wz-regcirclelogoJoshua SmithWal-Mart

Hi Wayne, just wanted to thank you for your help at the Two Day CFI Prep class… back in August. I took the CFI exam today and passed. I have to tell you I found the test difficult. The manner in which the questions are formatted and the amount of material that is reviewed prior to taking the exam was a challenge. I did a fair share of studying prior to the exam by going through the modules and reading test materials but it still proved a challenge… On the second day of the prep class (August 15th) I celebrated my 30th year in Loss Prevention and by far this was the most intense/comprehensive training that I have participated in.
Definitely worth the effort though! Great excuse to celebrate tonight…Thank you!

wz-regcirclelogoMatt A.Staples Inc.

Brett, just wanted to drop you a quick note to again say “thank you” for a great 2 days. As I mentioned on my eval, having been in business since 1975, it is very difficult to find something that is new and really worthwhile — not that I “know it all”, but I certainly have been exposed to lots of things during that time. And, quite frankly, most seminars and training classes are directed at someone with far less experience. This was something new for me and makes SO MUCH sense! I think looking at an investigative interview from a different perspective was totally refreshing and impactful. Angie and I truly enjoyed the two days and are looking forward to our (inevitable) opportunity to apply what we’ve learned. I’m hoping we can figure out a way to get more of our folks exposed to this technique. Thanks again and safe travels!

wz-regcirclelogoDirector of HRT-Mobile

Hi Mike, I just want to let you know that I successfully applied the W-Z Method with a client I suspected of using drugs. The client had just lost a job so I explained my role as a housing specialist how my job is to help individuals become and remain employable. I explained 3 common reasons why clients lose their job.
I explained that sometimes people become employed at a job that is not a good match and they eventually either quit or get fired out of frustration. I then explained how some people just take the easier softer way and return to selling drugs or other methods of criminal activity. And I explained how some clients are really good conscientious employees until they slip up and relapse along the way in which case it is my job to help get them back on track. ( I already knew from his behaviors that he had relapsed. ) I explained that the only thing I need to find out is what kind of person am I dealing with so tell me how many times have you used since you were released from jail? He responded about 3 and I asked when was the last time? It wasn’t today was it? He admitted to using within the last two days. It was that easy. I made a few mistakes but I just rolled with them. Our goal was to be proactive with getting him back on track. Once I removed his need to deny what I already knew, we were able to go straight to working on the solution.

wz-regcirclelogoJay A. McGuireGoodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania | Harbor Program Housing Specialist

Mr. Ward, I wanted to let you know, that of all the sessions I attended at the HR Southwest Conference, I got the most out of yours. So many of the sessions inundate the attendee with statistics and concepts, but fail to provide a tool that can be used to combat the problems. I left your session with a tool that I have already begun practicing. I can’t wait to be able to attend one of the longer training sessions in the future! Thank you for providing a training with great content and practical application!

wz-regcirclelogoLisa LippeGenerational Equity, LLC | Assistant Director, Human Resources



John (Guzman) I just wanted you to know that your training was one of the best classes I have been to in a very long time. The Friday after I went to your class I worked off duty in Raleigh in a place that hires off duty cops to keep the peace. A customer came up to me and the manager and stated that an employee smell like marijuana and she thought he was high. I interviewed him about the drugs using what I learned in your class and he confessed to the drugs and then confessed to taking money off the top when he was selling tickets. He then took me to his vehicle and told me where a small amount of marijuana was located. He was arrested and charged with both.

Officer - Raleigh Police Department

The course was brilliant – undoubtedly the most beneficial training / development course I have been on in the 20 years I have been an auditor! I could have sat there and listened and learnt for a month – Chris was great – totally captivating and I would love to watch him in a real life interview (Brett too!!). Although I have conducted probably hundreds on interviews over the years – I find myself slightly apprehensive about the next one – getting things in the right order / reading the signs correctly so I don’t lose the momentum of the interview and potentially fail in the admission stage – I have rehearsed it over and over in my mind all the way home yesterday! I can’t wait to put it into practice – give it a go and learn from any errors – I guess each one builds confidence and knowledge, and I probably won’t get it right first time!! Please pass my regards to Chris and thank him for a great couple of days – can you remember the last time you went on a course and at 7pm you really didn’t mind still being there – I think that is hugely down to the delivery from Chris. I hope I will be able to persuade the bosses here to let me go on the advanced course in the future – so much to learn!!

Corporate Audit - United Kingdom

Shane, I attended your training session in Sioux City, IA this past month and thought I would pass on a note of thanks. I’ve been a cop for 20 years and have had very good result interviewing/interrogating suspects. One area that always presents problems is dealing with “career” criminals. I recently had a case involving the theft of tools from a construction company. The only suspect they had (no proof, just a suspicion) was one of our local halfway house “clients”. I spoke with his parole officer and he told me the suspect had been a problem since being paroled and that he has always had an attitude problem. I told the P.O. I would like to interview the suspect and he just laughed saying the guy would never talk. Well, I set up an appointment (as you suggested) and met with the suspect at the center. After 45 minutes I had a full confession and his cooperation in retrieving the stolen property. I was amazed at how efficient the introductory statement worked. His P.O. and the others at the center could not believe that this guy folded. His blunders and subsequent confession were unnoticed by him until it was too late. Just thought you might appreciate some feedback.

Kevin Holmes - Ames Police Department

Lou, I just wanted to thank you for the great training week. It was by far the best 5 day class I have attended. You and your speakers were able to maintain our interests throughout the program. It says a lot that you have done a great job as a former investigator and that you take pride in giving others the training and tools to be better investigators!

Detective - Addison Police Department

This was a wonderful class. Lou, Nancy and Jeff were great instructors. Their personal experience and familiarity with the material made the course interesting and very helpful.

Detective - Indiana State Police

All three speakers were unbelievably good. The course provided much more information than just homicides. Hands down one of the best classes I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

Detective - White County IN Sheriff’s Department

Mr. Guzman, I want to express my appreciation for the three day class. It was very well done. I have already used the interrogation methods, or at least attempted to, and had success in less than 24 hours. It wasn’t much, but I am handling a case where an inmate is sending death threatening letters and white powdery substance, which he claimed in the letter to be Anthrax, to a Court of Common Pleas judge and his family. Well a letter showed up at a federal judge’s office and the FBI and US Marshal’s got involved. The inmate was suspected of sending this letter also, but the FBI could not break him and his denial was somewhat strong. I used the method, although it was not a perfect pitch, I had him confessing within about five minutes. It was really cool to be able to put this to use so quick.

Tpr. Joe Griffith - Office of Criminal Investigations – Investigative Services | Cincinnati Operations

Mike, I just wanted to take a minute of your time to thank you for the W-Z training you hosted last week in Austin. The work you do could be thankless at times, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the time you take out of each year of your life to teach people. I have been to several trainings in my career with Best Buy. This was by far the most impactful training I have attended. I am sure some of that comes from the fact that it was voluntary and within the scope of work I wish to pursue in my career, but nonetheless very impactful. You had the entire conference room bought into 100% of what you were teaching. Your professionalism and patience with us was above and beyond. I am confident that I can use this training every day in my scope of work. I never realized the possibilities that this training could offer. I already caught myself evaluating people yesterday during employment interviews. Thank you again for your time and dedication. I will not soon forget the impact you left on me and my career.

Amy Allen - Multi Channel Sales Support Manager

Mr. Hoover, I attended the W-Z seminar in Cleveland last week. I had my first interrogation since being back from the seminar, this past Tuesday, September 6. I wanted to write you, and let you know that your seminar and teaching methods really paid off. It was at the 40 minute mark, an employee at my business who was in the interrogation, had tears running down her face, as she admitted to three different theft & policy issues, which were not my “Ace Card.” After I finished obtaining admissions on incidents which I had no idea about, I then gained the admission on my “Ace.” It is amazing, to see just how true everything you taught, really is. All the way down to small eye movements, and change in body posture and behavior. I read over the “W-Z Method” for about 12 hours leading up to the interrogation. I was able to remember just about every part of it, and was able to just “Push Play” on my mouth, and “Watch the show.” I remember at one BRIEF point during the interrogation, thinking to myself, “Wow….THIS IS REALLY WORKING!” Thank you again for your time at the seminar last week. Your teaching methods and extremely enthusiastic attitude, truly engrained the process in my brain. So much so, that I have recommended your website to a friend at the Marion County Sheriff’s department, in Indianapolis, IN. I told him if their department was really wanting to learn, W-Z was the place to go. Good luck with your future at W-Z, and thank you again.

Market Loss Prevention Detective

Shane/Chris, I attended your Interview and Interrogation Course in August and was very impressed. I have been using the techniques ever since and have been very successful in interviews including workplace violence interviews, selective interviews and theft interrogations. The skills I obtained by attending this seminar are invaluable in my position. However, there was one technique that I believe Shane spoke about during one segment of the course that I put no faith in. I should have known better! You told us that if a suspect tries to leave an interview don’t give up. Talk to the chair they were sitting in! I laughed at this point and couldn’t believe it would ever work. Well, two days ago during the interrogation of a suspect the interview began to get away from me and the suspect tried to leave. Almost ready to cut my losses I quickly decided to give this technique a try. What else did I have to lose? As the suspect gripped the door knob I looked directly at her chair and kept talking. I even used the suspect’s name when addressing the chair. This went on for 30 seconds or so as the suspect slowly removed her hand from the door knob and crept closer to the chair. After about a minute of this she eventually rested one of her hands on the back of the chair and began to calm down. Then I suggested she make herself comfortable…she did! I ended up getting 20 more minutes out of her! UNBELIEVABLE! It goes without saying that the skills obtained by attending the Wicklander-Zulawski Course are a great asset. The two of you did a wonderful job. Even this truly bizarre technique that was taught has been proven in this case. I will never doubt again

Adam Estap - Senior Loss Prevention Administrator

Shane, I attended your seminar in Phoenix on 5/18 & 19 and I just wanted to share with you how I was able to apply the information I learned. On 5/22, I conducted two employee theft interviews using what I had learned in your class. However, I had difficulty moving from one part of the interview to the next. I obtained confessions from both subjects, but I was not satisfied with how I conducted the interviews. On 5/24, I conducted an interview of a long-term employee that I had been “watching” for the last month. I had practiced the night prior and I felt very confident going into the interview. I followed your (Wicklander) format “to the letter” and within ten minutes I had her confession. I could not believe how well the statement “my investigation is clear but I just don’t know why” worked. After 45 minutes, her admission amounted to over $15,000 in theft of merchandise and cash. Prior to taking your seminar, I always relied on the information I already had going into an interview. When I conducted the interview on 5/24, I forgot about the information I had (until the end of the interview), and look how well the interview went. Thank you for a great seminar. You’re a very good communicator and presenter.

Michael Mirand - District Loss Prevention Supervisor

Since taking your class in Middlesex, NJ a few weeks ago, I have been able to use the WZ Non-Confrontational Method in a couple of burglary and theft cases with great results. I’ve been to several classes but yours has been the most useful.
Thanks for all you do.

Detective - Raritan Township PD

John, “I took your class last year at the Florida Public Safety Institute. I just wanted to thank you in giving me the knowledge and training. I don’t normal get to investigate more serious crimes but after asking hundreds of times to investigate a more serious offense they finally said yes. So most of interviews I do are done at the patrol level but I just completed my first real interrogation yesterday. I was investigating a rape that occurred in 2007 and actually got a confession out of the guy. It was cool to see the stuff I learned from the class in real life. I just wanted to say hey and thank you. Hope all is well.”

Mark Mitchell - Chattahoochee Police Department

Hi John, I enjoyed your Tactical Field Interviewing class and have used the methods you thought, which lead to two arrests. The first was an non-cooperative mother who was lying about her daughter, who was wanted, being inside. Daughter was arrested. The second case resulted in the arrest of narco pill dealer. Again using methods learned in your class I minimized the crime, built rapport and she confessed to selling. This was only two days after your class.

Police Officer - Loves Park IL PD

I was in your class on 10/14 to 10/16. Three days after your class, I was involved in an interrogation. One of my night troopers had come to me and told me he had a female heroine addict who had burglarized her sisters house and prior to that had stolen approx. $2,000 dollars from her sister, when the addict was living with her sister. Since I just took your course I thought I would do the interrogation for him. When the addict arrived I only knew of the larceny and the burglary. By the time I was done with her I had a confession to multiple counts of prostitution. She is now working with our Drug task force. She is flipping on the guy who set her up for the prostitution. I believe I had the initial confession on the burglary and the larceny with in an hour, the prostitution came shortly after, and the written statement was finished three hours later. During the statement I even got her to give more exact details and more counts to be charged. Thanks for the Training.

Source Protected

The first interview I did after attending the W-Z school in Beaverton, Oregon, with Brett Ward as the instructor, was successful because of this class. I interviewed a male that had tried to strangle a family member and was arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping. As the interview began, the suspect was reluctant to talk to me about the events of that evening. I could tell from his body language and words that he was emotional about his reason for committing this act. I used the WZ Method with the suspect to tell his side of the story and he confessed. The suspect described his actions in great detail and even included what he planned to do with the victim’s body after she died. This training allowed me to understand what to look for in the suspect’s behavior as well as how to use that in the interview. Thanks again for what you teach.

Det. Tony Young - Medford Police Dept.

Wayne, this is Adam Moon, I was in your Interrogation class at the Exchange HQ in Dallas, TX, November 15th 16th. I conducted my first interrogation since the class last Thursday night with a contract cleaning person. I observed him live stealing one item, so I went out and escorted him to the LP office to begin the interrogation. During the course of the interrogation he admitted to not only to the item from that night but an additional seventeen items from the past two months. I have no doubt that your class gave me the tools and the confidence to ask the right question at the right time to get a great admission and statement, thank you!

Adam M Moon - Loss Prevention Manager Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Angela, I just wanted to share a success story with you. I was glad to have opted in your “Advanced” class when you were here in Seattle. I was asked to interview an associate for a Drug use policy violation. We had no evidence and only 1 statement. I was able to sit down with the associate in question and due to the techniques I learned at your class I was able to get an admission from the associate. It was not easy, but when you apply the WZ the right way it seems to work out in your favor. The interview started off as a selective type interview fact finding. He started to give me something to work with so I took it WZ.
I walked out of your class very confident. I have interviewed several people in the last few years. I was pleased to learn some new tools from the “Advanced” class I attended. I may even attend next year when you are all back in town…
Thank you for your continued support. Take care.

Mike Benson - District Loss Prevention Specialist

“I just completed and passed the WZ final test and printed out my certificate. The course is outstanding! The voice over is excellent. The course content is extremely well done and valuable. I believe every person who conducts interviews/interrogations should take the WZ Investigative Interviewing course.”

Russ Morgan

Lou Tessmann is, again, one of the best and informative instructors I’ve seen. This is the third time I have attended this course and I get a little more out of the course every time. I have used the W-Z Method in probably 80% of my interview-interrogation and have had great success.


Angela, I just wanted to share a success story with you. I was glad to have opted in your “Advanced” class when you were here in Seattle. I was asked to interview an associate for a Drug use policy violation. We had no evidence and only 1 statement. I was able to sit down with the associate in question and due to the techniques I learned at your class I was able to get an admission from the associate. It was not easy, but when you apply the WZ the right way it seems to work out in your favor. The interview started off as a selective type interview fact finding. He started to give me something to work with so I took it WZ. I walked out of your class very confident. I have interviewed several people in the last few years. I was pleased to learn some new tools from the “Advanced” class I attended. I may even attend next year when you are all back in town…Thank you for your continued support. Take care.

Mike Benson - District Loss Prevention Specialist

John, thanks, great class I enjoyed it and found it very informative. During the class I kept thinking of the ones that I couldn’t crack but was oh so close. After taking the class I feel confident enough in my newly obtained skills that the next time they won’t be so lucky. Thanks again, Sean

Update…FYI – I’ve gotten 4 confessions since the class. I’m not so sure I would have without the techniques I learned. Thanks again.


Hi John; hope all is well. The class was outstanding and I too obtained a confession in a sexual assault case the first time employed what I learned in your class (the weekend immediately following the class)! Studied up the intro statement like you suggested, reconfigured the interview room…worked like a charm! I wish I had the opportunity to have taken your class years ago. I have recommended your class to many colleagues and told them to keep an eye out for it.