Enforcement Depends on Information
Regulatory agencies enforce a different aspect of the law: the rules and requirements that keep people safe and healthy. But they have much in common with criminal law enforcement personnel.

During the course of their investigations, much of what they do involves obtaining information from people. These encounters may range from formal interviews, to licensing examinations, to questioning during on-site inspections.

The well-being of citizens, the economy, and the environment depends on their ability to efficiently and effectively obtain the truth.

Obtain Information More Effectively
WZ trains regulatory investigators and inspectors to effectively uncover information with interview techniques and interrogation methods. Our courses equip them with a range of different approaches for eliciting information from reluctant subjects.

During these seminars our expert instructors  start with the fundamentals of interviewing and interrogation. We cover proven techniques for detecting deception, overcoming resistance, offering rationalizations, and evaluating truthfulness.

WZ teaches investigators and inspectors to plan for different types of encounters, to stay in control, and to make every question they ask as effective as possible.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a fantastic seminar. Your expertise was evident and the material was great. Since taking the course I have applied what I learned and have been completely surprised with how much easier getting the truth has become and how much more detailed my admissions are. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

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CFI recertification credits are dependent on the length of the seminar (24 total needed)