Effectiveness Depends on Information
Accurate information is the key to saving lives during and after an emergency. Sound information guides public health and safety personnel toward an effective response. This information then guides them towards understanding the truth surrounding the event.

Much of the information that might illuminate the details of an incident must come from the people who were directly involved. Investigators need to know how can responders or investigators quickly obtain reliable information from victims and witnesses who are stressed, confused, or repressing important facts.

Emergency Interviews Require Special Skills
WZ trains health and safety personnel to obtain information from those involved in disasters and emergencies. We teach responders and investigators how to take a strategic approach to interviews, adjusting their approach to the emotional state of each person they question.

The combination of proven interview techniques with compasionate and empathetic interviewers provides emergency responders with the greatest opportunity to obtain ellusive information.  Our courses show public health and safety personnel how to gently (but thoroughly) probe for essential facts. This enables them to be more effective in obtaining the information they need to mount an effective response, determine the cause of an event,  and make the necessary changes to avoid similar events in the future.

Just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated the class (I-Threat) last week. It was good to have a review on interview & interrogation, along with assessing threats. I thought it was a good class that I’m sure will be able to be incorporated with our assessments.

Special Agent Iowa Department of Public Safety

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CFI recertification credits are dependant on the length of the seminar (24 total needed)