Global Interview Techniques Training by WZ – accepted throughout the world.

WZ’s unique Non-Confrontational Interview method and interactive training approach assimilates easily with most cultures and legal systems. As a result of the success of our interview methods and training, WZ has conducted interview training seminars for private sector investigators, human resource professionals, police officers, military personnel and anyone seeking the truth throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas (North, Central, South), Africa and Australia.

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El método de interrogación sin confrontación de WZ se asimila fácilmente con la mayoría de las culturas y sistemas legales. Como resultado del éxito de nuestros métodos, WZ ha llevado a cabo seminarios de capacitación sobre entrevistas e interrogatorios para investigadores del sector privado, profesionales de recursos humanos, policías y personal militar en Europa, Asia, América (Norte, Centro, Sur), África, Australia

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O método de interrogação não-confrontacional da WZ se adapta facilmente à maioria das culturas e sistemas legais. Como resultado do sucesso de nossos métodos, a WZ realizou seminários de treinamento para entrevistas e técnicas de interrogatório para investigadores do setor privado, profissionais de recursos humanos, policiais e militares em toda a Europa, Ásia, Américas (Norte, Central, Sul), África, Austrália


Europe, Asia, Australia

Chris Narrow

Christopher Norris, CFI

Director – WZ International Training


Central & South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico

Juan Valverde

Juan Valverde, CFI

Director – WZ Latin America

EMEA – Based in Ireland

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Donie O'Callagham

Countries and territories in where WZ has facilitated interviewing training seminars include:

Afghanistan Ecuador Japan Poland
Argentina Egypt Kenya Portugal
Australia El Salvador Mexico Puerto Rico
Belgium England Netherlands Saudi Arabia
Brazil France Nicaragua Scotland
China Hong Kong Northern Ireland Singapore
Costa Rica Hungary Oman South Africa
Czech Republic India Peru Spain
Denmark Ireland Philippines
Dominican Republic Israel

Investigators from the following countries have attended WZ Seminars:

Afghanistan Czech Republic Jordan Russia
Albania Denmark Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia
Algeria Dominican Republic Kenya Senegal
Angola Ecuador Kuwait Serbia
Argentina Egypt Lebanon Singapore
Armenia Estonia Liberia Slovenia
Austria Ethiopia Libya South Africa
Bahamas Fiji Lithuania Sri Lanka
Bahrain Finland Mali Sudan
Bangladesh France Malta Suriname
Belarus Gabon Mauritania Swaziland
Belgium Georgia Mexico Sweden
Belize Germany Moldova Switzerland
Benin Ghana Montenegro Taiwan
Bolivia Greece Morocco Tajikistan
Bosnia Guatemala Mozambique Thailand
Botswana Guinea Namibia Togo
Brazil Guyana Nepal Trinidad/Tobago
Bulgaria Haiti Netherlands Tunisia
Cambodia Honduras New Zealand Turkey
Canada Hong Kong Nicaragua Ukraine
Chad Iceland Nigeria United Arab Emirates
Chile India Pakistan United Kingdom
China Indonesia Panama Uruguay
Columbia Iraq Peru Venezuela
Congo Ireland Phillipines Vietnam
Costa Rica Israel Poland Yemen
Croatia Italy Portugal Zimbabwe
Cuba Jamaica Qatar
Cyprus Japan Romania


I completed the level one non- confrontational interviewing course approximately five years ago in Nottingham England.

Without doubt it was the best course I have ever done pertaining to investigations and obtaining the truth. The leader was absolutely fantastic and engaging. I have used the WZ method ever since and without doubt it changed my perception of interviewing and without doubt it’s the best way of obtaining the truth and developing the admission and substantiating a case value. The assumptive questions and breaking down resistance due to the techniques encouraged are superb.

I have had some real success stories in conducting investigations ever since and I would recommend any Loss Prevention professional get on the course. It really was that good.

urban-outfitters-logoBarry Murphy, District Loss Prevention Manager Urban Outfitters

To decant the experience of top level interviews over several years into a two day course is an amazing experience. To have the course delivered by someone with the professionalism, experience and humour of Alan is simply perfect. Overall a great course. I hoped to learn a little, I didn’t, I learnt a lot.

Premiere UK Retailer

Your class was the best training class I have had in a very long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the premier edition.

Naval JapanRoy Hanes, Jr., CommanderNaval Forces Japan

I have 30+ years of interview training and experience, and conducted thousands of interviews using many styles. WZ is extremely useful and will make me a better ‘all round’ interviewer.

European Retail Chain


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CFI recertification credits are dependent on the length of the seminar (24 total needed)