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Sales Negotiation Training for Executives

The Disciplined Listening Method of sales negotiation is an innovative approach to help sales professionals  integrate non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques with recognized best practices in sales training and sales research.

Sales Negotiation Training Infused with Non-Confrontational Interview Techniques.

Most buyers won’t agree to discuss sales opportunities with you if they don’t have some interest in purchasing what you are offering. Reaching the final agreement will likely have more to do with satisfying buyers’ personal needs than simply convincing them of the value of what you are selling. Buyers may need to feel comfortable that you understand their job, customers, need to impress the executive team, or future goals.

Potential buyers consistently provide clues indicating what their core interests are, what they are willing to invest in, and what their limits are. Accurately observing these clues and integrating this information into your presentation reduces the resistance you must overcome on the road to reaching an agreement.

One approach to identifying a buyer’s needs is to ask them directly. This approach may prove to be more productive when you have a strong relationship with your buyer. Unfortunately, it may spark feelings of distrust if you don’t have a strong relationship.

An Alternative Approach to Sales Training

The Disciplined Listening Method takes an alternative approach.

  • First, prepare by anticipating your counterparts’ needs, responses and goals while becoming a conversational expert in your buyers’ industry.
  • Second, create a structure for the conversation that will allow you to evaluate your buyers’ responses and determine what their core needs are.
  • Third, adapt your approach during the conversation to help your buyers save face, take ownership of the purchasing decision, and view you as a team member – not just a sales person.

The Executive Education Team at WZ has created this innovative approach to help sales professionals overcome this challenge by integrating non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques with recognized best sales and selling practices and sales research. Our proven approach reduces the amount of resistance sales professionals face while expanding their client base.

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Negotiation Training | Negotiating Skills for Executives

Most executives attend similar negotiation training programs, read the same negotiation best sellers, and essentially operate from the same negotiating playbook. Using WZ’s foundation in interview and interrogation techniques, The Disciplined Listening Method provides executives with the advantage they are looking for at any bargaining table.

WZ has been uncovering the truth and establishing an environment of trust for over 30 years. WZ’s executive education team integrates these skills and techniques into a negotiation protocol that helps negotiators develop relationships, uncover more critical information, and find better alternatives to reach satisfying agreements.

Negotiation Skills Training Infused with Non-Confrontational Interrogation Skills.

It is generally accepted that negotiators often withhold information as part of their strategy to satisfy as many of their interests as possible. This usually isn’t considered lying; it is just how the game is played. This general practice causes negotiators to walk a thin line between discovering undisclosed information and creating an atmosphere of distrust.

Negotiation Using the Disciplined Listening Method

The Disciplined Listening Method integrates key non-confrontational interview and interrogation skills including:

  • Accurately evaluating verbal and non-verbal behavior;
  • Helping our counterparts save face and effective questioning techniques to limit and diffuse the resistance negotiators face;
  • Effectively executing the method starts with a preparation process that is built on anticipating your counterpart’s needs, interests, and most likely responses.
  • Creating a conversation structure that increases an executive’s ability to interpret the counterpart’s responses, gain insight into his/her interests and motivations;
  • Guide the negotiation in a direction that allows for optimal agreements to be reached.

Learn The Disciplined Listening Method from WZ’s team of Certified Forensic Interviewers. Our negotiation training courses are specifically developed and facilitated for each client to assist with program implementation and increase take-away value. Our commitment begins with our training presentation and continues as we support each attendee’s skill development.


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Best Leadership Training

What is the secret to the best leadership training?  The best leadership training starts with the executive’s listening skills.

The Best Leadership Training Focuses on Listening and Obtaining the Truth.

How we gather, synthesize, and present information has a significant effect on our ability to coach people and inspire change. We need to sift through the stories and excuses we are told to identify the root causes and motivations we need to address. This becomes more difficult when people feel the need to save face and preserve their self-image which, in turn, causes them to withhold information, provide partial answers to questions, and frame their responses in a way that fits the narrative they are trying to create.

The Certified Forensic Interviewers at WZ tackle these challenges in every investigation we are involved with. The keys to obtaining the truth in an interview or interrogation are also vital components to effectively navigating leadership conversations. We need to communicate in a credible and fair manner and allow our counterparts an opportunity to save face to achieve our end goals.

Disciplined Listening Method | Leadership Training

Leadership conversations can be equally awkward and difficult for everyone involved. The mantra of The Disciplined Listening Method is, “Focus on the issue not the person. Focus on the resolution not the consequences.” This guiding principle propels leaders through their conversations by:

  • integrating key non-confrontational interview and interrogation skills;
  • evaluating verbal and non-verbal behavior;
  • accurately anticipating opportunities and difficulties, face saving techniques, effective questioning techniques, and;
  • specific techniques to diffuse and handle resistance with recognized coaching best practices.

Leaders who understand how to take advantage of the need to save face and develop the ability to identify the nuances of verbal communication and non-verbal incongruences can create more efficient approaches, ask more effective questions, diffuse resistance and achieve long lasting results.

Learn The Disciplined Listening Method from WZ’s team of Certified Forensic Interviewers. Our executive leadership training courses are specifically developed and facilitated for each client to assist with program implementation and increase take-away value. Our commitment begins with our training presentation and continues as we support each attendee’s skill development.


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Advisors & Executive Support

We practice what we preach. WZ’s Executive Support Team provides a series of advisory and support services to individuals and teams to enhance their communication results through The Disciplined Listening Method. Whether you are preparing for a significant coaching session, would like your team assessed, or believe it would be more effective to have a third party representative conduct a negotiation or interview for you, WZ has a solution for you.


Third party negotiators provide several advantages. They are not emotionally attached to any of the issues, they don’t have a history with the other parties, they bring unique experiences, and they contribute alternative perspectives. WZ’s Executive Support Team will work with your team to understand your goals and concerns, generate potential alternatives and approaches, and represent your interests during negotiation. We provide an excellent strategy to achieve your desired result without risking the damage that personal feelings can cause. We also offer negotiations training for executives.


Hiring and firing are two of the most important decisions an organization can make. We often question if we are hiring the right candidate or creating legal exposure by terminating an employee. As Certified Forensic Interviewers the WZ team of interview and interrogation experts have a track record of over 30 years of success. We will work with your organization to review the investigation, create a strategy, quietly and confidentially speak with individuals involved, and provide actionable information to help your organization make the best possible decision.


Invite a member of WZ’s Executive Support Team to your next negotiation. Our Certified Forensic Interviewers can observe your negotiation and report back on any concerns, opportunities, hidden agendas, or concealed information they identify. Our Executive Support team will work with you to understand the game plan, professionally represent you and your organization, and provide you with potentially critical intelligence to integrate into your negotiation strategy.

Team / Individual Assessments

Sales teams, business units, and HR groups often end up in a cycle of self-critique that is biased by their feelings concerning their successes and failures. This perspective can inadvertently create performance ceilings that teams have difficulty breaking through. WZ’s Executive Support Team employs an objective evaluation process that builds on the team’s strengths, identifies opportunities, punches through the ceiling, and increases results through the principles of The Disciplined Listening Method.

Strategic Planning

Before conducting any interviews or interrogations, Certified Forensic Interviewers engage in a unique preparation process. We anticipate specific events and prepare detailed responses for each potential hurdle. This process creates a calm confidence and allows us to make any necessary adjustments to reach our goals during the interview or interrogation. This same preparation process applies to any potentially stressful communication, including sales meetingsnegotiations, and leadership conversations. WZ’s Executive Support Team works diligently to understand your goals, concerns, and alternatives in order to create a specific and workable path to success.

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