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Premier Investigators Workshop

Designed for your elite team members. This two-day workshop format is the only one of its kind. The exclusivity of this program is limited in participants and availability to ensure the execution truly reflects an advanced environment.  

This two-day intensive, interactive workshop will cover topics and questions faced by professional investigators such as:

  • How do I handle subjects that have been interviewed previous?
  • How do I become more efficient in questioning the savvy?
  • Can I discover a more effective way to measure my current skill set and improve?
  • When “Plan A” doesn’t work, how can I maintain fluidity/credibility through “Plan B”?
  • What interviewing strategy is best and which technique fits what personality?
  • How do I recognize what pieces need strengthening in my skill set or my team’s skill set?
  • What are the best possible strategies to ensure my investigatory prep is thorough?
  • Above all, what steps are necessary to protect my company and become an elite interviewer?

Attendees will leave this session with sharpened skill sets after having executed practical exercises with the best interviewers in the country. Be the first to try the WZ Premier Investigators Workshop format specifically designed for the elite interviewing superstar.

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Registrants will be notified as soon as location is finalized.
Newark, NJ
September 12, 2018 (2 days)
Tammy Clark, CFE, CFI
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Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
Tumon Bay, Tamuning
August 23, 2018 (2 days)
Wayne Hoover, CFI
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