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Non Confrontational Interview & Interrogation for Drug Investigations

The 2-day WZ Seminar on Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation Techniques for Drug Investigations was specifically designed for agencies whose personnel may be called upon to interview or interrogation suspects, victims, informants or witnesses during drug or violent crime investigations.  In this dynamic course, investigators and associated law enforcement professionals will learn to apply non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques that will bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Seminar participants will learn a conversational approach to conduct more effective interviews and interrogations that will result in quicker admissions and better statements.  The WZ instructor will teach how to offer rationalizations specific to drug and violent crime investigations and how to handle denials, detect deception and evaluate truthfulness.

Learn to assess verbal and non-verbal behavior and become more effective on the focus of an investigation and obtaining reliable information.  Gather a variety of non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to overcome resistance of victims, witnesses and criminal offenders.


· Legal Consideration in Obtaining a Valid Confession

· Room Setting and Preparation

· Interpretation of Verbal and Physical  Behavior

· Selective Interview Technique

· Fact-Finding Interview

· WZ Non-Confrontational Method 

· Rationalizations

· Handling Denials

· Development of the Admission

· Elements of the Written & Formal Statements 

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New England HIDTA
Methuen, MA
October 18, 2018 (2 days)
John Guzman, CFI
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