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Lead Homicide Investigator

Modeled from the highly successful WZ Seminar on DOA: Death Investigations, the 40-hour Seminar for Lead Homicide Investigators course adds important instructional modules in crime scene analysis, forensic technology, interview and interrogation, application of 4th & 5th amendments, false confessions and courtroom testimony.

The course features interactive lecture and discussions of actual case histories, videos, and laws specific to homicide investigations. This comprehensive seminar provides instruction in conducting investigations and prosecuting death cases from the start of the investigation through evidence collection, suspect interviews, press conferences, trial testimony and ultimately conviction. It is purposely designed to provide expert “in-the-field” instruction from the initial crime scene through a successful verdict.  Learn state of the art techniques from the ex-Commander of a Major Crimes Task Force, a highly experienced Prosecutor and a leading Cyber Crimes Investigator.

Using actual investigations, this program uses a diverse combination of homicide case studies to provide strategic tactics to establish guilt and prosecute the offenders.  Participants work through cases from the moment of arrival until their conclusion.  This program provides the structure and methods to successfully close cases.


· Multiple Methods of Interviewing                 

· Manage & Evaluate the Crime Scene

· Development of COLD CASE Leads

· Miranda + Electronic Readings

· Collecting & Viewing Digital Evidence

· 4th Amendment–Search & Seizure

· 5th Amendment–Evidence, GSR

· Effective Courtroom Testimony

· Death Notifications

· Investigative Tactics

· Criminal Interview & Interrogation

· Cell Phone & Computer Analysis

· Handling the News Media

· TASK FORCE Operations            

· Report Writing

· False Confessions

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Sandy City Police Department
Sandy, UT
February 25, 2019 (5 days)
Lou Tessmann, CFI
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Dearborn Police Department
Dearborn, MI
November 5, 2018 (5 days)
Scott Pickett, CFI
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