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Criminal Interview and Interrogation - Advanced Seminar

The 2-day WZ Seminar on Advanced Criminal Interview & Interrogation Techniques offers law enforcement professionals, who have attended an introductory interview and interrogation course, the opportunity to further enhance their techniques.

Obtain training in the latest and most powerful advanced interview and interrogation techniques.  This seminar utilizes practical exercises, using underlying psychological principals to improve your ability to obtain legally acceptable confessions.

This seminar will work through actual case studies applying multiple interview and interrogation, including Selective Interview Technique, Cognitive Interviewing, Factual Approach, Participatory Method and the WZ Non-Confrontational Method.  The non-confrontational approach to interviewing and interrogation has been recognized for the way it produces faster and more accurate results. In many cases, admissions are achieved without the guilty suspect ever making a denial or protesting his innocence.


· Overview of an Interrogation

· Causes of Denials

· Causes of False Confessions

· Selective Interview Technique

· Dealing with Difficult Subjects

· Cognitive Interviewing

· The Participatory Method

· Development of the Admission

· Rationalization

· Obtaining the Admission and Assumptive Questions


This is ideal for Police Officers, Detectives, Investigators, Prosecutors, Major Crime Task Force Members, Coroners, Medical Examiners, and First Responders. To register for this program, a participant must have previously attended the WZ Seminar on Criminal Interview & Interrogation or other formal interview and interrogation training.


· Communicating and building trust with community members

· Using most appropriate method for each case and subject

· Obtaining the truth more quickly and accurately

· Substantiating and closing more successful investigations

· Ensuring statements will be admissible at trial


Attendees must have successfully completed the WZ Seminar on Criminal Interview and Interrogation or other formal Interview & Interrogation Training.

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