• 5 Characteristics of a Professional Interviewer

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    In November 18, 2014
    What do you do for a living? A question we have all received, but probably all answer differently.  In some way, shape or form, we attempt to tell people that we are professional interviewers in some capacity.  After answering this question several times myself, I thought I would highlight...
  • Skilled Interviewers Only: “The Walk & Talk” Method

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    In August 19, 2014
    This article discusses a theory and approach to a modified form of general loss interviews.  Before making any practical use of this theory please partner with your respective supervisor and decision- makers at your company to ensure it complies with their guidelines.  This is an approach that takes a...
  • Message From Dave Zulawski, CFI

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    In September 2, 2011
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    How Loss Prevention Teams Can Win During the Holiday Season The holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day can put the squeeze on already over-worked and under-resourced Loss Prevention teams. According to Hayes International, “statistics show that retail crime rates increase by 30% during the holidays. Recently, the National...
  • 2001 LP Magazine Articles

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    In February 15, 2001
    Click the links below to find this year’s article from WZ: January-February 2001:  When to Conduct an Interview