• People Fear Change - Full Size

    Law Enforcement is a Profession, Change is Constant, and People Fear Change

    By Tom McGreal
    In April 26, 2017
    In January of 1977 this author reported to the Chicago Police Academy as a recruit and in June of 2006 he retired as a Detective. In May of 2008, this same author was hired by the Cook County State Attorney’s Office, spending the next six years as an investigator....
  • Trust

    What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

    By Tammy Clark CFE CFI
    In April 26, 2017
    Trust is an important aspect at all levels of an investigation.  Your supervisors and business partners must trust that you will conduct your investigation in-line with your organization’s policies and procedures.  Similarly, the victims or complainants must trust you are taking their report seriously and will investigate it accordingly....
  • Managing Emotions - Full Size

    Managing Your Emotions During an Interview

    By Chris Norris CFI
    In March 15, 2017
    Emotions can run the full gamut for both parties involved in an investigative interview.  Both the interviewer and the subject may feel the push and pull of a wide range of emotions.  From happiness to sadness, fear and surprise, disgust, anger and even contempt, the interview process can produce...
  • I Did It?! Why Innocent People Confess

    By Dave Thompson CFI
    In February 22, 2017
    It is hard to imagine why someone would confess to something they didn’t do. To voluntarily provide information that results in incarceration, embarrassment, loss of employment, restitution or loss of freedom seems unfathomable. However, not only are there several cases of this actually occurring but it continues to happen...
  • The Making a Murderer Effect

    By Dave Thompson CFI
    In February 22, 2017
    Interrogation methods used improperly can cause a multitude of issues including involuntary or false confessions and make it increasingly difficult to identify the truth or obtain reliable information in an investigation.  This topic has been widely discussed in the recent months due to the popular Netflix documentary “Making a...