• Are You Ready Full Graphic

    Are You Ready?

    By David Zulawski CFI
    In January 22, 2018
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    The New Year is a time for resolutions; where we try do something a bit better than last year.  Making a small change which enables us to be prouder of who we are. So I would ask you to think about how you handle and resolve investigations. Last year...
  • 4th Quarter

    4th Quarter Playbook

    By Wayne Hoover CFI
    In October 31, 2017
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    While a football game can take only 60 minutes of actual playing time, the preparation for such a game takes 12 months of hard work.  There are a lot of similarities between a game and life.  Just like in the game, we are committed to winning. Not just you,...
  • So Many Cases So Little Time - Full Size

    So Many Cases, So Little Time

    By Tom McGreal
    In October 13, 2017
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    Investigators often carry heavy caseloads and have minimal time to conduct extensive interviews. Pressures to complete their assignments come from a variety of directions including supervisors, the media, the public and often the victim or their family.  Internal pressures, often a desire to be successful, may also be a...
  • Female vs Male

    Female Interviewers v. Male Interviewers: Is There an Advantage?

    By Tom McGreal
    In September 14, 2017
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    In the past, men and women have been viewed in traditional roles. Currently, these roles are becoming more blended. Both men and women may fail to build the necessary rapport for a successful interview. Either sex may appear unconfident, unorganized, unkempt, uninterested, and disrespectful. Both men and women may...
  • He Said She Said - Full Size

    He Said. She Said. Now What?

    By Dave Thompson CFI
    In July 20, 2017
    The daunting task of investigating a harassment claim is one that is faced by many human resources and employee relations professionals on a daily basis.  The difficulties with these types of investigations are countless and include the lack of evidence, reliance on hearsay and emotional impact on all of...