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WZ International Seminars

WZ International Seminars

WZ delivers interview and interrogation seminars around the world.  Each seminar is adapted to fit within the cultural differences and meet the legal requirements for each specific client.  WZ is proud of the successes their techniques have earned throughout North America, Europe and the UK, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.  Click here to see where we will be presenting and learn how to bring the experts at WZ to your country.


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2015 International  Seminars:

Two Day Non-Confrontational Interviewing Seminar
Milton Keynes UK

25th/26th March

21st/22nd May

2nd/3rd July

16th/17th September

12th/14th November

One Day Advanced Non-Confrontational Interviewing Seminar
Milton Keynes UK

27th March

18th September


For more information and registration, click here.

The worldwide acceptance of the WZ Method

The worldwide acceptance of the WZ Method