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Two Day Interview and Interrogation Seminar

David Zulawski, CFI

2-day seminar/1 instructor: $529.00 per attendee (Canada Locations $579.00 per attendee)

Save 10% per registration for 5 or more attendees.


This is an exciting in-depth two-day course where you’ll learn how to conduct interviews and interrogations leading to admissions from the guilty while eliminating the innocent from suspicion. Participants will learn to identify truthful and untruthful behavior along with powerful new ideas to obtain confessions from the guilty.

Who should attend:
Loss prevention personnel, security investigators, human resource representatives, auditors, operations managers, school administrators, bank investigators, small business owners, hospital security,  and anyone responsible for obtaining the truth from people who are reluctant to share it.

What you’ll learn:

Examine the following ideas in depth as they are introduced by experienced Certified Forensic Interviewers. Participants will see actual interviews and interrogations completed by WZ’s expert interrogators  to demonstrate the success of these strategies and skills. Imagine leaving this program and being able to immediately put to use your exciting new skills to achieve successes you never thought possible.

  • Build your skill at observing verbal and physical behavior
  • Control the environment while reading physical and verbal clues
  • Establish credibility in your investigation and yourself
  • Encourage people to talk through non-accusatory questioning
  • Learn to identify and handle different types of denials
  • Employ innovative strategies to reduce an individual’s reluctance to tell the truth
  • Develop admissions using innovative strategies and techniques
  • Obtain thorough written statements with an understanding of their legal ramifications

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Hello Shane,

I’d just like to say thank you, again, for your method regarding the “honest” employee and the “obstinate” employee.

The method has actually assisted in the recovery of separate amounts of $3,600.00, $2,800.00 and $173,000.00 in cash-thefts in just the past two months. The total recovery for the year: $465,000.00 in cash and store product. Thanks again.

Joshua A. Hone
Argus Services Inc.

2-day seminar/1 instructor: $529.00 per attendee (Canada Locations $579.00 per attendee)
Save 10% per registration for 5 or more attendees.

HRCI Approved:
Title: Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation
Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 13.50 Specified Credit Hours: HR (General)

SHRM Preferred Provider Program:
Title: Interview & Interrogation Techniques
Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 13.50

Attendees earn 14 Continuing Education Credits towards CFI recertification (total of 24 needed)


Group discount Policy:  Group discounts apply when companies register 5 or more attendees for the same seminar at the same location.

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