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Telephone Interviewing Training

Wicklander-Zulawski Telephone Interviewing Seminars

Is your organization’s travel budget getting constricted?  Do you cover a large geographic area?  Do the costs of traveling to complete investigations out weigh the restitution received in many of your cases?  Would you just like to spend more time at home or in your office?  If the answer to any of these was yes then the Wicklander-Zulawski Telephone Interviewing Seminar is for you.  The Supreme Court has ruled that telephone interviews are non-custodial because the subject can simply hang up the phone any time he/she wants to.   Our research has shown that, based on the cases selected, the first admission in a telephone interview is typically made in 9-12 minutes.

Learn how to put your interview skills to work for you over the telephone.

Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of telephone interviewing
  • Proper room set up
  • Instructions for witnesses
  • Interpreting verbal behavior
  • Adapting the Wicklander-Zulawski interrogation methods to be used over the phone
  • Developing confessions over the phone
  • Obtaining written statements over the phone

I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on John Guzman and the outstanding job he did as an instructor while teaching at our police department in Beaverton, Oregon. I work in the Training Division here at the PD and have been a full time instructor in various disciplines for the last 10 years. In that capacity, I have been fortunate enough to attend many different courses and conferences at which I was exposed to a wide variety of teaching styles. I can honestly tell you that Mr. Guzman is one of the best instructors I have seen.

I attended the one-day Telephone Interview Techniques course and truly enjoyed the course material. I found it to be a good refresher but, more importantly, I enjoyed the method and style in which it was taught. Mr. Guzman clearly knows the material, has the credentials to back up what he is saying, and does an outstanding job of keeping the students interested and participating. You probably already know this but, rest assured, Mr. Guzman is representing your company well and is doing a terrific job.

Senior Training Officer
Beaverton Police Department

To learn more on how WZ can create a custom program for your organization click here.

WZ’s expert instructors can conduct this program in several formats and integrate it with other seminars.  To learn how WZ can help increase the effectiveness of your organizations interviews while increasing the return on your investment contact Brett Ward at 1-800-222-7789 x119 or

CFI recertification credits are dependant on the length of the seminar (24 total needed)