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Gang Investigations

Wicklander-Zulawski Gang Interview and Interrogation

Wicklander-Zulawski Gang Interview and Interrogation

Attend WZ’s Seminar on Criminal Interview & Interrogation in Gang Investigations. 

Since 1982, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc . (WZ) has trained over 100,000 law enforcement professionals in multiple methods of interview and interrogation.  The WZ Seminar on Criminal Interview & Interrogation in Gang Investigations ties the interpretation of verbal and physical behavior into a structured approach of interview and interrogation in gang-related investigations.

This 3-day course is unique in that it provides training in criminal street gangs and in multiple techniques of interview and interrogation, including the WZ Non-Confrontational Method and the Reid Method*. The WZ Non-Confrontational Method is a conversational approach that often results in an admission (or multiple admissions) without the suspect ever making a denial or protesting their innocence.

What you’ll learn:

 John Guzman,

Just to let you know I have gotten three confessions within the last two weeks using the method you taught us. As a matter in fact I just received a Letter of Recognition from my department, because with the confession I was able to get from a known Hispanic gang member, I was able to charge several gang members with an armed robbery case. Once again thank you so much for the training.

Raleigh Police Department
3 day seminar/1 instructor
$450/person, Pricing may vary by location
2 day seminar/1 instructor
$395/person, Pricing may vary by location
Attendees earn 21/14 Continuing Education Credits towards CFI recertification (total of 24 needed)

Group discount Policy:  Group discounts apply when companies register 5 or more attendees for the same seminar at the same location.

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For additional information or questions contact Bob Brislan, Business Development Manager, by phone at 800.222.7789 x103 or by e-mail at

* WZ is licensed by John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. (Reid), originator and developer of the Reid Method. WZ was licensed by Reid in 1984. Since that time, the extensive updates for this seminar, including the WZ Method of Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation, have been developed by WZ using the latest information from legal, psychological and interrogation research.

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