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Crimes Against Children ISI

Wicklander-Zulawski Child Abuse Seminar

Wicklander-Zulawski Child Abuse Seminar

Attend WZ’s Crimes Against Children: Investigation to Suspect Interrogation seminar.  Our three or four-day seminar focuses on techniques for interviewing or interrogating subjects during the investigation of crimes against children.

Who should attend:
Law enforcement and child protective services personnel who must interact effectively with perpetrators of physical, sexual,  and/or emotional child abuse.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding unreported statistics
  • Understanding the child victim
  • Crime scene related issues
  • Multi-Disciplinary investigative approach
  • Physical abuse investigation
  • Sexual abuse investigation
  • Profile of successful interviewers and interrogators
  • Interpretation of physical and verbal behavior
  • Interrogation themes and rationalizations
  • Alternative and Assumptive Questions
  • Non-confrontational Interview and Interrogation techniques
  • Developing effective interrogation strategies
    for child abuse suspects
  • Typical interrogation hurdles in crimes against children cases
  • Moving child abuse suspects past denials and lies to confession
  • Interview techniques to increase information and substantiate admissions of physical, sexual, emotional child abuse and neglect
  • Download Crimes Against Children:  Interview to suspect Interrogation  Overview (pdf)
Hey Shane,
How are you doing? I attended your Interview and Interrogation Techniques training in Nashville, TN  and enjoyed it very much.  Well, I have just done an interview in which a mother was physically abusing her daughter and I got a confession. It was so cool to do the things that you taught us in class and actually watch someone unfold. I kept asking her questions and then giving her the themes and giving little pieces of information that I had already collected and she confessed in about five minutes. I just wanted to say thanks for giving me some really good tools to protect the kids that I need to protect.

Anne Little Department of Children’s Services, Roane Co. TN

3 day seminar/1 instructor
$550/person,  Pricing may vary by location
Attendees earn 21 Continuing Education Credits towards CFI recertification (total of 24 needed)

Group discount Policy:  Group discounts apply when companies register 5 or more attendees for the same seminar at the same location.

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For additional information or questions contact Bob Brislan, Business Development Manager, by phone at 800.222.7789 x103 or by e-mail at