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Message From Dave Zulawski, CFI

Message From Dave Zulawski, CFI

The WZ Non-Confrontational Interviewing Method Takes HR/ER Professionals to an Elite Level


For more than 30 years, the non-confrontational WZ Method has proven successful in obtaining the truth while avoiding confrontation.  I have had the privilege of being a part of the creation and development of this unique method that has been embraced by investigators around the globe.  I am proud of the advances the Method has made and how it has placed us as an industry leader, but I am even more proud of the WZ Method’s versatility.

Human Resource and Employee Relations Professionals deal with sensitive and complex cases such as sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, and integrity issues which fit neatly into the strategies of the WZ Method’s strategic goals.  The inquiries HR/ER professionals conduct are often in hostile work environments which require a unique skill set of reducing resistance, interpreting physical and verbal behavior; all while balancing the potentially volatile interview with unique legal implications and little to no evidence.

WZ conducts more than 400 programs a year for professionals on interviewing and detecting deception. Like law enforcement and loss prevention, the human resource and employee relations role has to take part in difficult conversations where the truth is often elusive. If you have to have those difficult conversations where the truth may be withheld I encourage youto apply the WZ Method in your investigations. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised to see how the WZ Method can guide you to a successful case resolution.

The WZ non-confrontational structured approach for interviewing provides a means for HR/ER professionals to increase their effectiveness in these crucial areas of their job responsibilities.  The WZ method equips HR/ER professionals with the abilities to conduct interviews that identify operational loopholes, eliminates innocent employees from suspicion, minimizes morale problems, and identifies the deceptive without confrontation.

I would like to encourage new and experienced HR/ER professionals alike to join me on reaching your 6 milestones of the elite this year.  It is never too late to take your interviewing skill set to the next level.  I have outlined a suggested milestone timeline to assist you in reaching each milestone and championing your commitment to excellence.  Join me and become one of WZ’s elite.

WZ Wokplace Investigative Interviewing Strategies for HR/ER Professionals