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LP/HR Services

Don’t go it alone! Team with WZ to create your organizations policies, procedures and training programs.

There are often moments when an expert, outside opinion is required as an organization sets out to create or update policies and procedures.  Many of the instructors at WZ come from corporate backgrounds, with firsthand experience in policy creation and execution, and benefit from partnering with executives at conferences, trade shows and seminars.  Our instructors are required to stay up to date on current policy trends, court decisions and legal updates.  As a result, the team at WZ provides unique insight to the policy creation process.  WZ takes the time to meet with each client and discuss their organizational culture, goals and challenges to create unique solutions for every partner.

Previous Assignments include:

  • Internal Investigations
  • Apprehending Shoplifters
  • Safety and Security
  • Human Resource Policies and Investigations

To learn more about previous projects or to partner with WZ for your next endeavor contact Shane Sturman, CFI at 800-222-7789 ext. 109.

**All policy recommendations should be approved by each organizations legal counsel before implementation.