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Background Investigations

Wicklander-Zulawski Background Investigations

Wicklander-Zulawski Background Investigations

The use of background investigation helps the prospective employer assess the stability and trustworthiness of an applicant. A check of an applicant’s background verifies the information provided on the application form or resume and uncovers information omitted on the resume or application by the applicant.

  • Criminal History Search
    Reveals the presence of felony convictions and, in some cases, misdemeanor convictions.
  • Consumer Credit History
    Reveals accounts, balances, monthly payments, delinquencies and judgments.
  • Motor Vehicle Record
    Reveals the validity of a driver’s license, violations, accidents and suspensions or revocation.
  • Professional License Verification
    Verifies the existence and length of licensure by a specific state agency (when available).
  • Education Verification
    Verifies the degrees earned and dates of attendance.
  • Social Security Number Verification
    Verifies that the number provided by the applicant was issued by the Social Security Administration to the applicant.
  • Previous Employment Verification
    Verifies previous employment, dates of employment, rates of pay along with other pre-employment information.
  • Asset Searches
    Locating and verifying assets of an individual or company.
  • Plus other background searches


Wicklander-Zulawski and Associates, Inc.’s Background Investigations provide:

  • Skilled investigators
  • Clear written reports
  • Comprehensive record keeping
  • Experienced capable interviewers
  • Loss prevention consulting specialists

For more information contact: David Thompson, CFI 800-222-7789 ext. 125