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Auditors and Inspectors

WIcklander-Zulawski Seminars for Auditors

WIcklander-Zulawski Seminars for Auditors

Employees Resist Internal Inquiries
Much of the evidence uncovered during an audit or internal investigation must come from, or be supported by,  the individuals involved.  Unfortunately  perpetrators are understandably reluctant to provide incriminating  information.  Alternatively innocent employees often  hesitate to provide information  for fear being implicated, causing fellow employees to be punished, or being looked upon negatively by co-workers for cooperating.

As a result, it’s often difficult to get employees to participate in investigations.  If they do, it may be hard to know whether they’re telling the entire truth.  These perceptions  make it difficult to pinpoint substantial evidence identifying  the fraud, loss, or theft.

Effective Interviewing Accelerates Internal Investigations                                

WZ trains auditors and internal investigators to obtain evidence and confessions with proven interviewing and interrogation methods. Auditors do a tremendous job gathering information, identifying procedural anomolies and constructing patterns of activity. WZ teaches auditors and investigators how to adapt their approach according to the individuals, circumstances, and percieved consequences involved in these investigations.

During this seminar the participants will learn to overcome resistance, offer rationalizations, detect deception, and evaluate truthfulness. Our expert instructors show them how to use our non-confrontational methods to effectively elicit admissions.

WZ’s courses equip auditors and investigators with the skills and techniques they need to rapidly uncover the evidence that leads to truth and accountability.

I wanted to send both of you a short note to thank you for working with our group.  The training was very good and the presenter, Mike Reddington, was exceptional.  I have heard from many employees that they very much enjoyed listening to him and appreciated how he kept everyone interested and involved in the discussions.

If we have a need in the future for something similar, I will definitely be contacting you again.

 Senior Manager, Corporate Audit-Mercedes Benz

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CFI recertification credits are dependant on the length of the seminar (24 total needed)