Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, in addition to training, is also a consulting dedicated to assisting professionals who are responsible for obtaining the truth. WZ consulting supports law enforcement agencies, private sector investigators, human resource professionals, federal agencies and military units across the globe. To this end WZ supports our partners via multiple consulting options like Individualized Training and Expert Witness Testimony.

  • Would you rather know a member of your organization attended a seminar, or would you rather veriy what a member of your organization learned at a seminar?

    All WZ seminar attendees, who are present for at least 90% of the program, leave with a certificate of attendance and completion.  Many organizations prefer an additional opportunity to verify the amount of information their representatives retained.  As a result WZ created the post seminar exam.  This extensive, 64 question, exam covers the key learning points from the seminar and provides employers with a key verification tool.  This is exam is a valuable addition to any organization’s policies and procedures to demonstrate the knowledge and education level of its interviewers.

  • Determine if your business is properly protected from internal and external theft. Have your facility’s physical and operational security evaluated by a seasoned  professionals from Wicklander-Zulawski.  These evaluations uncover issues including lighting, camera needs, locking hardware, alarm systems, operational controls, policy and procedure opportunities and more.   Protect your assets by allowing an independent third party to evaluate your organization’s operational, security and loss prevention needs.  The final report provided to each client is a blueprint to reduce losses and increase safety and profit within the organization.

  • Does your organization audio or video record interviews?  Further the development of your team by partnering with the experts at Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates. The same interviewing professionals who conduct our seminars are available to provide constructive feedback to your investigators.  After reviewing each recording WZ provides a detailed report identifying areas that were successful and areas of opportunity along with recommendations for immediate improvement.

    WZ respects every client’s need to keep the information in each interview confidential.

  • WZ understands that some individuals learn best in a focused environment where they are the only pupil.  The experts at WZ frequently conduct individual training sessions at our office.  Each session is customized to fit the needs and goals of the attending investigator.  Individuals attending these sessions will be required to complete pre-work and will be provided with further assignments upon completing the training.  Individual training sessions can be scheduled for one or two days and can cover any combinations of the topics listed below.

    • The WZ Non-Confrontational Method of Interview and Interrogation
    • The Direct Accusation
    • The Participatory Approach
    • The Enticement Question Approach
    • The Factual Approach
    • Telephone Interviewing
    • The Selective Interview
    • Interviewing Victims and Witnesses
    • Conducting Difficult/Coaching Conversations
    • Effective Questioning Techniques
    • Interpretations of Physical and Verbal Behavior
    • Developing Full Confessions
    • Building Effective Rationalizations
    • Overcoming Resistance
    • Defusing Tension
    • Obtaining Complete Written Statements
    • Report Writing
    • And many more…
  • Don’t go it alone! Team with WZ to create your organizations policies, procedures and training programs.

    There are often moments when an expert, outside opinion is required as an organization sets out to create or update policies and procedures.  Many of the instructors at WZ come from corporate backgrounds, with firsthand experience in policy creation and execution, and benefit from partnering with executives at conferences, trade shows and seminars.  Our instructors are required to stay up to date on current policy trends, court decisions and legal updates.  As a result, the team at WZ provides unique insight to the policy creation process.  WZ takes the time to meet with each client and discuss their organizational culture, goals and challenges to create unique solutions for every partner.

    Previous Assignments include:

    • Internal Investigations
    • Apprehending Shoplifters
    • Safety and Security
    • Human Resource Policies and Investigations

    **All policy recommendations should be approved by each organizations legal counsel before implementation.

  • The success of many trial strategies often relies on the quality of the witnesses who testify.  Every Instructor and Investigator at WZ is a Certified Forensic Interviewer with experience in multiple interview and interrogation techniques and applications.  The next time your litigation plans require an expert witness with detailed knowledge of, and experience with, interview and interrogation techniques choose the experts at WZ.

  • WZ is passionate about furthering the disciplines of interview and interrogation.  We are consistently conducting research to improve the success, and widen the applications, of our techniques.  This research includes studies into previous interviews and interrogations, studies regarding human behavior and communication, and research interviews with individuals who have conducted interrogations as well as individuals who have been interrogated.  The goal of all of our research is to continue adapt, grow and adjust to changing laws, policies, generations, technologies and expectations.  These research projects are among the many endeavors that help WZ maintain our position as the global leader in interview and interrogation training.

  • Every instructor at WZ loves to teach and lecturing at colleges and universities is another opportunity to pursue this passion.  Our instructors provide valuable insight into many subject matters that motivate students and potentially assist in providing direction towards their early career choices.  Speakers from WZ apply strategies and lessons from the interrogation room and adapt them to real life and everyday business scenarios. Our lectures certainly provide students with perspectives and advantages that most students are never exposed to.

    Past WZ lecture topics include:

    • The benefits and constraints of non-confrontational and confrontational interrogation techniques
    • Causes of, and techniques to avoid, false confessions
    • Negotiation techniques
    • Non-Confrontational interrogation techniques
    • Conflict Management
    • Non-Confrontational interrogation techniques
    • Effective questioning techniques
    • Interpreting communication