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Kabul, Afghanistan: Day Six
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 25 2016
Its Sunday, and now my final day here in Kabul working with at the US embassy.  I’m traveling out later this afternoon and spending the morning...
Kabul, Afghanistan: Day Five
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 23 2016
My work week here is Kabul is starting to come to an end and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m happy to report that once again,...
Kabul, Afghanistan: Day Four
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 21 2016
My week of WZ interview training in Kabul is going well, and day four in Afghanistan is the least exciting of the trip by far.  No sirens or early...
Kabul, Afghanistan: Day Three
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 20 2016
The third day of my Kabul trip started much earlier than I had planned.  At 05:07 I was woken to a loud alarm in my housing complex.  Three long...
Kabul, Afghanistan: Day Two
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 19 2016
My second full day in Kabul started early.  As I wake and prepare for the upcoming day, the constant hum of helicopters buzzing above is a reminder...
Identifying Intent: An Auditors Guide to the Truth
Posted by Dave Thompson, CFI on May 19 2016
Another day, another audit. The routines of compliance or auditing professionals may seem very rigid, full of checks and balances, checkmarks and...
Kabul, Afghanistan: Day One
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 18 2016
At this point in my journey, you are aware that I made it, and that’s great news.  The question you might be wondering is, what did I get myself...
Kabul, Afghanistan: The Approach
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on May 17 2016
The last 48 plus hours seem like a blur to me. They were wrapped up in a whirlwind of ‘hurry up and wait’ which can finally be summed up in three...
TED Talks Every Interviewer Should See
Posted by Angela Nino, CFI on May 4 2016
I am often asked at the end of seminars if there is a list of TED Talks I referenced during class. Below are some of the talks that have had the most...
Have You Heard? The WZ Global Movement is Gaining Momentum!
Posted by Chris Norris, CFI on Apr 19 2016
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc (WZ) is experiencing explosive growth within multiple global divisions: Wicklander-Zulawski Europe (WZ EU),...