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Message From Dave Zulawski, CFI

Message From Dave Zulawski

Some exciting changes have occurred in 2016 for those attending the WZ Private Sector Interview and Interrogation Training Seminars. For years attendees have...
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WZ International Seminars

WZ International Seminars

WZ delivers interview and interrogation seminars around the world.  Each seminar is adapted to fit within the cultural differences and meet the legal...
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Trade Show & Conference Schedule

Trade Shows and Conferences

Each year WZ promotes and presents at trade shows and conferences throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and Mexico. CLICK HERE to see which Law Enforcement,...
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Kabul, Afghanistan: Day Six

WZ Blog

Its Sunday, and now my final day here in Kabul working with at the US embassy.  I’m traveling out later this afternoon and spending the morning with some of...
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